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Unique Country Weddings
Elusive Locations

We have uncovered two breathtaking locations, near to London for couples seeking weddings off the beaten track. Using our years of expertise we have made these beautiful locations wedding ready. From an ancient oak forest to a setting with a stunning view, it’s time to dream about saying your vows somewhere different. 


This dream can be a reality. We will provide everything you will need for your perfect day. Our all-inclusive pricing model not only provides you with a venue but on top of this there is a wedding planner, photographer, catering, furniture, production and more; to take the stress, confusion (and sometimes spiralling costs) out of the equation.


So, if you’ve put your wedding plans on hold for the last year, or you’ve hesitated to start planning, or you simply can't find the right location now is the time to jump back in. We’re thrilled with this new venture, created specifically to support couples searching for exclusive countryside locations with tight budgets, to make your special day a reality in 2021 and beyond.


Brought to you by the team at Marble Private creators of elegant, jaw-dropping weddings.